Sensors to CC3200 to Exosite to LabVIEW -- How?


We got question from a developer using Exosite, and we thought it was something that needed to be shared with everyone. This developer said:

I want to do a project that connects CO2, humidity, and pressure sensors to a CC3200, transfer all the sensor data to the Exosite cloud, and then get the data from Exosite cloud into LabVIEW. Just curious if I can accomplish this project by using Exosite? As I am really not familiar with Exosite yet, can you provide me some suggestions?

A couple things this developer will need:

The Exosite Coud Demo will be a good place to start as it contains a lot of code that gets the device provisioned and talking to Exosite. This developer will have to write custom code in order to interface with their additional sensors, and send their information up to the cloud.

With sensors gathering data and ready to be sent up the Cloud, the ‘Client’ that is representing the device on the Exosite platform will have to be configured to accept the new incoming data. Primarily new dataports will have to be created in order to hold the new information gathered by these external sensors. The referenced device and new dataports should be given aliases that will allow the embedded device code to quickly and accurately write information to them.

After this developer has their device talking to the Exosite Cloud, we can only make suggestions as to how to procede. As we are not intimately familiar with LabVIEW, we would suggest setting up a web-application within LabVIEW to pull information from the Exosite Platform using our JSON-RPC Ideally the ‘read’ procedure will be particularly useful

After a quick search on making Web-applications with LabVIEW these are the resources we found:

In addition to the external resources above, we would like to include some recommended Exosite reading:

We wish this developer the best of luck, and if they have any follow-up questions or want to brag about their success, we welcome them to reply here.


Sorry to reply late. Which software I can use to open the code file ??
Can I use energia to do it ?


Hi Sherry,
I am sure you can technically any IDE or Text-Editor that you prefer to work in, but in order to flash the device you will need to use TI’s Code Composer Studio. My understanding is that CCS is available for both Linux and Windows. TI has a bunch of handy ‘getting started’ video guides available on their YouTube channel.

Let us know if you run into anything.