The "Domain Dashboard" setting is not changing


In configuring the Client Models, I the “Domain Dashboard” is not retaining the selection when I configure to a dashboard I created.

  1. Created a Client Model
  2. Created a Domain Dashboard
  3. Edit Client Model
  4. Select the newly created Domain Dashboard from the dropdown
  5. Click the “Submit” button
  6. The Domain Dashboard selection reverts back to --none–

Why isn’t it allowing it to select the new dashboard?


I’ve seen this happen when a Domain Dashboard was created using a dashboard that has been deleted. The Domain Dashboard still shows up, but I can’t use it for the Client Model. I believe though I may have duplicated your problem here. Let me show this to the Portals team, as everything looks ok for me here in terms of my domain dashboard setup, so there may be a bug.



I believe my dashboard was not deleted, but I created the dashboard after the I created the Client Model and tried to add it after the fact.