TI CC3220SF HVAC Demo?



I am following the TI CC3200SF HVAC Demo. I already got my CIK and set it at Energia Project. I program the Energia Project to my TI CC3200SF. But it is not able to connect to Murano. I verify this by clicking my device and it says there "Not Connected".

When I first build the Energia Project, I got error "ISO C++ forbids initialization of member serverName. So, I change to below.

//const char *serverName = "m2.exosite.io"
const char *serverName;

Also, at the Energia project is this code line below correct?





It seems I made it to work. Earlier I use the curl command exactly from the guide, so I did not get the correct CIK. But, at my device I see Temperature: 31.44 C. But, why does it say “Not Connected”. Also when I go to dashboard. there is no logging happening.



Hi @mtrobregado,


That looks like the right way to connect your device to a Product that has the development mode HTTP API enabled.

But, why does it say “Not Connected”.

This is a UI fix we will release soon. Initially we meant for that element to tell you whether or not the device has a socket open with the platform in realtime. We found that this was distracting and then changed the behavior to reflect whether or not the device currently has a long polling connection open.

This wasn’t satisfactory either, and in an upcoming release this will just include the last time the device reached the platform successfully.

Also when I go to dashboard. there is no logging happening.

What do you mean by logging? In the console of your browser?

Happy to help,