TI CC3220SF Murano

I am reading this guide to send MQTT message from TI CC3220SF to Murano. Seems it will work. But if I will send sensor data such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, In what format should I send it using MQTT? Should I send it in JSON format?


After I send my sensor data using Murano, how do I transfer it to ExoHome or ExoSense. Using ExoHome or Exosense am I am able to do a Dashboard? How much is the use of ExoHome or ExoSense. Is there trial period for ExoHome and ExoSense?


I am following the guide below and I am getting an error “Connection to broker failed, error code -111”

I am using mqtt_client from SDK 2.40. Uniflash 4.5.0.
At product domain I just put this is this correct “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.m2.exosite.io
I also used TI SimpleLink Launchpad as IOT Connector, at the guide it says to create a new product but the link is broken.

How do I make this work?


Assuming you are putting this into the device firmware and you are just using xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to cover up the actual id. (Otherwise you need to use the unique ID from the IoT Connector)

Hi MikeA,

Can I get help from the person who made the guide. Also can I get the pdf file from the guide, I need a exosite email to download it. “TI FAE MQTT Demo Walkthrough for Exosite”.


Hi Markel,
I apologize, there is a link in that tutorial that is not meant to be available, it’s an internal doc. We need to remove that.

Please submit a support request via https://support.exosite.com as this can get to be a fairly complex level of support if it doesn’t work as documented. We may ask for screen shots, etc.


Hi Mike,

I submitted a support request,

I followed the guide again and this time I made a connector from scratch. I got the same error. I did the code modifications according to the guide.

I am suspecting the rootca.der to be the cause of this issue but not sure.

I also ask help at TI E2E Forum, but seems no one from TI know about this guide.

Markel Robregado