Updating exosite arduino library for ESP32



I’m using Arduino 1.8.2 IDE with a ESP32 Dev Module and am hoping to make a connection over WiFi to Exosite Portals.

I’ve used the libraries with ESP8266 hardware successfully in the past but the ESP32 seems manage flash memory differently and I get errors when trying to include the exosite library. The error seems to be related to EEPROM.h, which the ESP32 does not support (different memory management using an arduino library called Preferences)

Has anyone made this connection successfully yet?
Is anyone currently working on an update for this new hardware?



Update: I’ve successfully modified the library to support ESP32. I’ve tested with the ESP Dev Module. If anyone at Exosite is interested in checking it and porting it over to the official release, let me know and I’ll contribute the code.


Hey Ty,

I’ve been working with the Exosite Arduino library for a while now, and right now I’m working on including support for other devices. If you’re willing to share, I’m interested in seeing how you’ve supported the ESP32.



For anyone interested, a standalone ESP32 library can be found in the Git repo below. Just download the ZIP, then extract to a new folder in your local Arduino library folder.


Ive tested with OnePlatform and Murano. Just need to adjust the provisioning method between the two. The Murano example in Arduino IDE shows how to use your Product ID and device MAC to provision. Note that the current example included in the library is for One Platform.