Using Data from Exosite


I apologize if this is a simple question or has been previously answered. Is it possible to take down data from exosite to an Arduino? I need to “take down” the data and use it on the board to carry out some command that I specify in the boards program. I know that exosite can send alerts via E-mail or text, but can it send data back to the board?

Second question, Can I have multiple signals from one board to exosite? If I wanted to write in a temperature, pressure, and force then display them on three different “widgets” for example would this be possible? Or would I need three separate boards? The examples I have been able to find all write in one data from one sensor.


@dylanr444, yep, it can, to both questions. Take a look at the writeRead function that the arduino library provides:

boolean Exosite::writeRead(String writeString, String readString, String &returnString);

writeString: This sets the values to write to certain datasources. eg. “alias3=value3&alias4=value4”
readString: This selects which datasources to read by their alias. eg. “alias1&alias2”
returnstring: This is the string returned with the values requested in readString. eg. “alias1=value1&alias2=value2”

For the first question, in Exosite terms we call that a “read”, as in the device is “reading” data from the platform. You just give that function a list of dataport aliases separated by ampersands of the dataports you’d like to read in the readString value and the function will return a list of alias=value pairs also separated by ampersands in the returnString value.

For the second question, you just need to build a alias=value list yourself and pass that to the writeString value.

For an example of doing both multiple reads and multiple writes at the same time see the Relayduino example here: