WCM Development Kit


Unable to connect to access point after setting SSID and pass phrase in browser.
I’ve used wireshark to see that the information is sent and acknowledged and using a second laptop connected to the access point monitoring for the connection. I don’t see any attempt by the WCM to connect.


Any chance you have a USB-Serial converter you can hook up to see what it thinks it’s doing?

(Optional) Connect a USB to TTL UART converter to “J2”. J2.GND-GND. J2.RF5-RXD.

I have to double check on the baud, but I’d bet it’s 115200. (Edit: Yep)


I have a PICKit serial analyzer


I’m also powering it by usb on J3


That looks like that should work.

Looking at that table you need to wire up:

  • J2.GND <-> GND (Pin 3).
  • J2.RF5 <-> RX (Pin 6).

Not sure about the software, but you you need to set it to do Asynchronous USART at a baud of 115200.

If you can post a serial log of of it booting I should be able to help you figure out what’s not quite working.


Now it is working:)
I had IT get rid of the space in the SSID of the Jetpack. It worked on the previous binary file but not on the new one.

Now I will try and compile the source code to make sure it still works then I can add my code.

Thanks for the quick response.


Wonderful! Definitely let me know if you can get it to work/have problems.


Hey, glad you got this working. I just wanted to verify - are you using the ExositeReady code posted here: https://github.com/exosite-ready/er_vfp_microchip_wcm



Yes - that is the latest with the state machine architecture.

The header files aren’t listed under the “Header Files” in the project so my search in project isn’t finding things.