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We just released Murano. Please use this forum to ask questions and feel free to make suggestions on features.

The documentation for Murano can be found at here.

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I curious whether Murano will replace the Portal platform, or still be able to use both platforms independently?
Will you still have a business model for Portal and using and white label? And what are the plans for the free version of Portals that remains to be used under the same conditions?


Hi @developer_bt-

Exosite thinks that the specialized stack of services and the powerful developer tools that are provided in Murano will enable businesses and their developers to create new IoT solutions in a way that was not possible before. We have listened to our customers closely over the past few years, and the product of their feedback is the Murano platform. Our customers often asked for a platform that had a feature set which made the development of a custom IoT deployment quicker, easier, and more manageable. Going forward,r new business accounts should start on Murano with a free prototype account. This way we can ensure that our customers have access to the latest technologies to be successful with their IoT business transformation.

In addition to the release of Murano, we will continue to operate Portals. There currently are no plans to end the life of Portals, so all accounts and currently deployed solutions can expect their devices, events, and alerts to work – and keep working. Users of Portals can expect support on the use of Portals, but Exosite will be slowing down how many new features that are added to that platform. We will also continue to closely monitor the health of Portals, and improve performance where we can.

Portals was our original product that has taken Exosite to where it is today, and we won’t say goodbye to her now.

You can expect free accounts on our developer and partner Portals domains to continue to work, and we do not have plans restrict free signups on those types of accounts.

For you to be successful in deploying your IoT solution what do you need? In terms of platform availability what is important to you? Let us know – we are glad to listen.

We know that a number of our customers have been using the free features in Portals for a long time to test some small deployments of IoT devices. If you ready to take the next steps in terms of scale, and have concerns about your business model or how to create your full solution inside of Exosite, feel free to contact us directly.

Other wise feel free to reply here if you have questions!

Happy to help,