Where can I find the list of Widgets for my white label account?


In my white label account, I don’t see the list of widgets like there is in the free demo account. I see the admin page under “Domain Setup” -> “Domain Widgets” to add a widget. My widget list is empty and there is only the option to add custom widgets by entering the HTML code. Is there a way to get the pre-defined widgets to add to my portal?


You have the same list available as what you saw in the free demo account. If you go to a custom dashboard in a portal in your whitelabel account, you’ll see those widgets to add. You can use the Domain Widgets to add your own and publish these to the Add Widget tool for custom dashboards.


The reason why I wanted to see if I need to add the widgets is because the ‘Add Widget’ feature in my dashboard for my white label account is an empty list. Would there be a reason why the select drop down list would be empty?

I would add the screenshot, but it is not allowing me because it says I’m a new user.


Your widget list should not be empty. Can you submit a support ticket and let us know what your subdomain is in that ticket.