White Label account doesn't link new users to created portals


I have a newly purchased White Label account that I’m trying to configure to prototype for a potential product for my company. I created a Client Model, Portal, a test user, and a device (with 2 IDs added to the list).

I can access everything fine with my administrator account, but when I log in using the test user that I created, it shows an empty Portals list and there is no dashboard like the one I see on my admin account. How do I link new users to my portal?

Additionally, how would the registration process work for users/customers that would need to self register an account?


I think I just answered my own question. A user needs to be created at the login page, NOT the add user function in the admin settings.


Where the user is created makes a big difference. Right now there should be three paths for users to get created 1. The domain admin can create them, 2. Users can create new accounts from the login page of you subdomain, 3. They can be invited by an existing user. As sign-ups are moderated, one delinquent user cannot fill up your whole domain.

You should check out configuring https://.exosite.com/admin/newusers to create a default out of box experience for your users.

Ideally your customers should be signing up for your services via https://.exosite.com/login and clicking on ‘Don’t have an account? Sign up now!’

Is that clearer now?


That helps thanks.

I don’t see where a user can be assigned an updated or new portal? I have a users that were created at different times where thereafter I created or changed a portal with a dashboard, but existing users are stuck with the portal or no portals since they were created.

Once a user is created, I don’t see where it can be deleted only deactivated? I was hoping to delete a user so I can add it back to get the latest portal/dashboard.


It looks like you broke up the questions you had in this post, and created two other posts. You may refer to the answers given there.

  1. Adding user to portal: How does an existing user get access to the newly created portals?

  2. Deleting a user: How can the administrator delete a user?