Widget Refresh Rate


Looks like the lowest refresh rate for a widget is 10 seconds. Is there a way to set it to be 1 sec? Or refresh when there is new data?


10 seconds is the lower limit for the full widget refresh. You can get faster refresh using custom widgets, up to once per second.

For the simplest interface see the custom widget api: http://docs.exosite.com/widget/

If you need more flexibility than that offers, see the portals API: http://docs.exosite.com/portals/

EDIT: It’s not currently possible to be notified when there is new data, you have to just poll for data.


Here is an example widget that does a custom read on it’s own terms rather than using the widget containers array of data.

Example Line graph that uses widget container array of devices/data

Example Line graph that uses custom read on a javascript timer, does not use the widget container refresh or device/data array


  • This example only supports one dataport currently.
  • Use at your own risk, you can bring your browser to a crawl if you do not limit your use of timers to refresh the graph


Mike thanks for pointing me to this. I’m successfully using the line graph with self refresh. It’s working out great.