Asset Diagram that can change colors depending on state

Hey Exosite, I have been asked by a few customers how to set up assets or create a system diagram that changes color or changes level depending on the signal that comes in and then to visually see something different in the picture. Example - Tank level dropping and then changing to yellow when it passes a threshold, Valve changing from open to closed, Certain blocks going from Green to Yellow to Red if certain conditions (thresholds) are met. Can you explain what features I should be using and how to go about building that out in the dashboard UI? Thanks!

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Hey Kevin,

This would be accomplished using an SVG panel. More information about the SVG panel can be found in our documentation here: Panel: Dynamic Image SVG - Exosite Documentation

The documentation covers most of the set up and requirements of the SVG but essentially you create the SVG, select your signals, turn on the elements you want mapped to signals, and then choose how they should be displayed for certain conditions whether it’s based on a rule status or value matches.

Once you have the signals mapped and their conditional displays set up, you can place the SVG panel on your dashboard to start using! I hope this is helpful but if you run into any troubles with setting up or configuring an SVG panel please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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Hi Kevin
This is just an example of how I do moving levels. The attached svg contains a tank with 4 different levels and some other tags. As you can see, the tank contains 4 piled boxes (levels) where each box is tagged with exo-level_x which I correspond to a blue color or white depending on a rule by level. (Example_Tank_4levels.svg - Google Drive)