Connecting to Smart Life Compatible IoT devices

hi all,
I am new to ExoSense, so far really enjoying the ease of connecting eWONFlexy devices and making dashboards. In my business, I like to use affordable IoT devices which are often more aimed at consumer market but still can be used for industrial process monitoring.
One example is the eMylo Single Phase electric meter which uploads data to the Smart Life App. You can view data on the app but I don’t know how to download the data.
Anyone think that an App like Smart Life could be linked to ExoSense ?

To get data into ExoSense from external applications, there needs to be a mechanism for that application to send data to our platform. Often, a “webhook” is the key term.

Webhooks allow for streaming data to our system. Some allow custom code to translate the data into Exosite’s IIoT schema. If the webhook doesn’t allow translation, a custom IoT Connector could be created to translate the data on the Exosite cloud.

Looking at this particular app, I don’t see a feature to stream/relay the received data for us to receive.

Some hardware options allow for custom code on the sensor itself, instead of in the cloud to send data directly to Exosite too. However that doesn’t seem to be the case for this particular piece of hardware either.

- Alec