How to delete a Channel Data point?

Hi - due to a power cut, my data for kWh has been sent a zero which I want to delete from the record.
Reason is that I am sourcing the data from an eWON which is linked to a PLC and I think that when the power at my site was restored the energy meter sent the PLC a zero value before it was fully “on line” again.
In Exosense I am using the “Diff max-min” function in a bar chart to calculate daily energy consumption but obviously having a zero value in the database on one day throws out the calculation.
Is there anyway to manually delete this one value from the database ?
Thanks for any suggestions.


ExoSense does not provide a way to delete a single data point. An approach we generally recommend is pre-filtering data using transforms such as the Band Gap Filter. Using this approach, you could prevent unwanted data from getting stored. Of course, this has its own drawbacks as you need to anticipate which data you want to filter out.