Signal Manipulation Based on Time

Hi - I am reading an electrical energy signal (kWh) for one of my assets. I want to manipulate this signal to automatically calculate the kWh used per week, per month etc. For energy optimisation purposes and also to be able to make simple comparison to utility bills for electric billing.
So I want to take the signal at midnight at the end of a month and deduct the value from midnight at the end of the previous month (the signal from my sensor is cumulative).
In principle it’s a fairly simple task but I am only 1 week into ExoSense and would appreciate any advice.

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Thank you for you question! The use case you are describing here is very common, and we do have a built-in Panel which can be utilized to achieve this goal. Particularly, you are going to want to create a new Bar Chart Panel and use your Electrical Energy Signal for display purposes.

I would recommend taking a look at our Bar Chart Panel Documentation page for more information on the different configuration options. Specifically of note, take a look at the very bottom section titled COLUMN CONFIG.

Here is where you can specify the type of Calculation you want used on your signal to be displayed on the Bar Chart itself. For your use case, click on the Calculation drop-down menu and scroll down to the bottom of the list. You will find an option titled Diff (Min/Max). Selecting this as the calculation will take the difference between the minimum value and maximum value over the configured window of time, which will give you the desired outcome.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,
Pat Shanks

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hi Pat,
Thank you. Your suggestion worked perfectly, exactly what I wanted :grinning:
I’m sure I would not have thought of looking in bar charts to achieve my objective.
One follow up question - on normal line charts there are 3 dots in the top right corner that allow download of the data to csv or xls. I don’t see these 3 dots on my bar chart. Is there anyway to download the calculation result ?
Dave Smith

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Currently there is not functionality to export the calculated results from a bar chart.

Getting this equivalent data can be done with the ExoSense GraphQL API which is currently available at the “Organizational” tier of ExoSense.

- Alec