Weather forecast data integrated in the platform

Do you have modules to integrate Current Weather / Historical Weather / Weather Forecast into the plateform?
If yes, how should we proceed and what is the pricing model?

Hi Charles, Thanks for your question.

First of all, our Murano platform supports Open API services, meaning a third-party webservice that has a RESTful HTTP API can typically be added as a service fairly easily. This means that the API is accessible in a native scripting environment in our platform’s solution / application environment.

Using services in this way and building custom solutions in our platform does require an Advanced account. For example, customers have used Dark Sky (which was bought by Apple and no longer provides an API) and OpenWeather Map in the past in this way.

Note: It’s important to note quick that these third-party webservices (like OpenWeather) require a paid account to use. Typically pricing is based on the number of calls made per month and/or certain features/data sets.

Now the next question which is more important to understand up front is how will this weather data be used. We’d want to understand how the third-party data (weather in this case) would be used with streaming IoT data within ExoSense. We would want to handle this with some design and architecture discussions with our App Engineers to ensure we can present the best path.

Typically, the third-party information (e.g. weather) would be used as a part of a ‘Insight’ function. Customers can build (or work with our team / partners) their own Insight function modules that are able to use the streaming ExoSense IoT signal data along with external information such as weather to create information streams about the digital asset. This insight module can be hosted as a custom solution on our Murano platform (mentioned above).

For some proof of concepts, we have also had customers who simply wanted to send weather information as an IoT device stream. Although for a prototype / POC this is ok, it likely is not the real use case or outcome that is being looked at. This can be done as a custom IoT Connector solution, again using an Advanced business account.

For the next step, I would recommend reaching out to our Customer Success team about the project and engage further with how the weather data will be used. If you do not have a sales / support contact, you can create a support ticket to get the discussion going at


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