Why Am I Seeing An Error Regarding Timestamps?

If you see an error that looks like the following while viewing a Device’s page in the application:

This message is surfaced when the timestamp for the device data is more than 1 minute in the future from the user’s computer’s time.

If this is happening on multiple assets, it is usually an indication that the user’s computer’s time is out of sync.

If this is happening on just one Device it generally means that the data that is being sent in for a device is sending with an explicitly included timestamp. If this explicitly included timestamp is wrong it generally is caused by the firmware of the gateway assigning timestamps to the data when the gateway’s NTP hasn’t been synced in quite some time.

If both the gateway and the user’s computer are showing properly synced times but you are still seeing this warning message, please reach out to support@exosite.com for further troubleshooting.